When to Inspect Your HVAC System

When to Inspect Your HVAC System

HVAC inspections help you to identify emerging problems so that you can fix them before major issues arise. The inspections can also reveal hidden problems. Thus, you should know when to inspect your HVAC system. Otherwise, you might run the system and worsen the existing damages. Below are some of the times to conduct an HVAC inspection.

Before Home Purchase

Many homebuyers know that they should inspect their properties of interest before purchase. The property inspection should not just focus on the structural integrity of the house. You should also inspect the major appliances to confirm their soundness.

The pre-purchase inspection will help you know:

  • The HVAC system’s energy, heating, and cooling efficiency
  • The ductwork’s integrity
  • The ventilation state
  • The HVAC’s condition; for example, whether it needs repair

Don’t forget that a whole-house HVAC system costs thousands of dollars. The HVAC system also contributes to the overall value of the house. An inspection will help you know what you are buying beforehand.

Before Renovation

HVAC inspection before renovation will help you determine whether the system also requires some upgrades or changes. Don’t forget that major renovations can affect HVAC systems in multiple ways. For example:

  • Renovations that increase the square footage can increase your heating and cooling needs
  • Renovations that affect the house configuration can affect the location of the registers
  • Renovations that affect the location, number, and sizes of windows and doors can affect the heating and cooling needs
  • Some renovations can affect the thermostat’s placement

An HVAC contractor can inspect your renovation plans and determine their potential effect on your HVAC system. That way, you can include HVAC renovations as part of your renovation. For example, relocating the duct runs or register may be easier during and not after the renovation.

After Renovation

You should also inspect the HVAC system after the renovation to determine the renovation’s impact on the system. For example, post-renovation inspection may help you know:

  • Whether the renovation dust has clogged your HVAC system, especially the ductwork
  • Whether any changes you might have made to the renovation plan has affected the HVAC
  • Whether any HVAC changes you may have made fit your new house

In short, post-renovation inspection will certify that everything works as intended.

After a Long Period of Dormancy

If you have not used your HVAC system for a long time, it might exhibit some problems the next time you use it. Inspecting the HVAC after a long period of dormancy can help you discover the problems it might have picked up during dormancy. For example:

  • Debris and plants might clog the outside unit if you don’t use the HVAC for a long time
  • The air filter might be due for a replacement
  • Pre-existing problems, such as minor refrigerant leaks, might worsen during the dormancy period
  • The lubrication might have dried up
  • Pests might have infested some parts of the system

Inspect the system so that you can resolve any problems before running it. Don’t forget that some problems, such as lubrication, worsen if you run the system before resolving them.

Before the Major Seasons

Lastly, you should also inspect your HVAC before the hot and cold seasons. An inspection before the hot season ensures the AC is ready for cooling, and an inspection before the cold season ensures the heating system is ready.

For example, an inspection before the winter can help you confirm:

  • Whether your furnace’s ignition system works
  • Whether the carbon monoxide detectors work

A pre-summer inspection can help determine:

  • How clean the AC is
  • Whether the AC unit wobbles as it runs
  • How noisy the system is

All these give indicate the system’s soundness.

Hopefully, your HVAC inspections won’t reveal major problems that threaten the system. However, you should not be worried because Baton Rouge Air Conditioning & Heating can inspect your HVAC system, diagnose potential problems, and solve them at reasonable costs. Contact us to schedule HVAC inspections or any other heating and cooling services you need.

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