Lindy Smith

I bought a house and a week after I moved in my air conditioner went out. I called one place and he came out to replace two parts for almost $400 and it lasted a day. It came to the point where it was no longer fixable and had to be replaced. I called around to so many places and spoke to so many people and this was the only place that warranted a review. Jeremy went above and beyond the call of duty and did everything in his power to help me and offer alternatives. He sent out a tech for free to get a second opinion when everyone else wanted to charge at least $90 for a service call. He sincerely cared about my situation and wasn’t trying to be pushy about selling me a new unit or anything else. He just cared and wanted to help. I am so thankful for his kindness and compassion towards myself and others.

Jana Havins Fort Worth, TX

To everyone at Baton Rouge… Thank you so much for your hard work, expertise and attention to our air conditioning woes and replacement. We realize you’ve gone above and beyond, really blessing us for weeks! Thanks for your partnership.

Paul Plauche, Denham Springs

From the office support staff, by telephone and in person, and from the technicians that performed the install, my wife and I are very satisfied with the service we received from Baton Rouge Air. Top notch outfit and great products.