What You Should Know About an HVAC Tune-Up

What You Should Know About an HVAC Tune-Up?

Your HVAC unit keeps your home warm when temperatures drop. It may also act as your source of cooling for the hot summer months in Louisiana. Part of keeping your HVAC unit functioning properly for years to come consists of scheduling routine HVAC tune-ups to ensure all components of your unit work. Additionally, a routine tune-up can prevent major problems from occurring in the future.

Benefits of HVAC Tune-Ups

First and foremost, a tech can remove any dirt and debris from your system safely. When a tech removes the buildup, your unit’s performance improves. No longer will the debris make it harder for your furnace to expel the air throughout your home.

Your unit will also use less energy to keep your house a comfortable temperature, so you will notice a decrease in your energy expenses. Ultimately, your system won’t work as hard as it was. As a result, your unit lasts longer, possibly even, to or beyond, its life expectancy.

Secondly, a tech can address unknown issues that can affect your furnace’s performance. You may not realize that you have broken components in your furnace since your furnace may still continue to work. These parts can affect your furnace’s performance and increase your energy bill. After the repair, you notice your house feels a more even temperature, and your energy bills are lower.

Thirdly, an HVAC technician can recognize aged components that can hinder your furnace’s performance. When a tech changes these parts, your furnace continues to work when you need it to without any inconvenient downtimes. Moreover, you can extend the life of your unit to reach its maximum life expectancy.

Preparation for Your Visit

Fortunately, you have little to do to prepare for an HVAC inspection. The process to schedule the appointment is as simple as making a phone call or using an online contact form.

Before your tech arrives at the scheduled time, you may want to remove any items around the unit to make the process simpler. Additionally, you may want to place your furry family members in a space that’s separate from the unit. They’ll be happier and more comfortable, and you’ll protect the technician if your pet should become defensive.

Process of a Tune-Up

During the tune-up, an HVAC tech will likely complete the following tasks:

  • Check refrigerant levels
  • Repair broken or worn components
  • Clean dirty components
  • Change the air filter

Once a tech arrives, he or she will open up your furnace and conduct a thorough examination. He or she will check to make sure you have no broke or worn parts. If you have any broken or worn parts, the tech will discuss them with you and ask you if he or she can replace them. He or she also checks the refrigerant level and replaces any missing fluid.

If you didn’t change your furnace filter recently, a technician can perform this task. Ultimately, keeping your filter clean prolongs the life of your unit. In addition, a clean filter allows air to pass through efficiently. When the air can’t pass through the filter adequately, you reduce the amount of air expelled from your furnace. Ultimately, you increase your energy bills when your filter is dirty.

Dust and other particles enter into your system and can affect performance. A technician inspects your unit for dirt and cleans it as necessary.

A routine HVAC tune-up can prolong the lifespan of your unit. The process can help lower the cost of your energy expenses and prevent your HVAC from failing when you really need it.

Schedule a routine maintenance visit for your furnace today by contacting Baton Rouge Air Conditioning and Heating, serving Baton Rouge, LA, and the nearby region, today.

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