How Do You Troubleshoot a Broken Furnace Thermostat?

How Do You Troubleshoot a Broken Furnace Thermostat?

An efficient furnace is critical for a comfortable and healthy home during the cold months. However, like other appliances, your furnace is prone to breakdowns from time to time, which manifest in different ways.

One common issue is a broken furnace thermostat. If your furnace doesn’t work as well as it used to, a broken thermostat is a likely cause. Understand some signs of a broken furnace thermostat and how to troubleshoot the issues.

The Furnace Does Not Turn On

The thermostat tells the furnace when to turn on and when to kick into high gear. If the thermostat fails, the component might not send the correct signal to the furnace. As a result, your furnace may not turn on when you expect it to.

If your heating system fails to turn on, check the wiring system to see if any wires have come loose. If everything looks tight, check the thermostat batteries. When the battery dies, the thermostat stops working, so the furnace will not turn on.

If you have a programmable or digital thermostat, ensure it is properly programmed. A simple mistake in the programming can cause the furnace to fail to turn on. In most cases, you can quickly fix this problem by simply adjusting the settings.

The Furnace Keeps Turning On and Off

Short cycling does not just cause high energy consumption but can also damage your furnace. The issue also causes uncomfortable temperature swings in your home. One common reason for this problem is a broken thermostat.

A properly working thermostat should maintain a consistent temperature in your home by turning off the furnace when the desired temperature is reached and turning it back on when the temperature drops. However, if the thermostat doesn’t work correctly, the component might turn off the furnace before the desired temperature is reached or turn it on too late.

However, other issues such as dirty filters, incorrectly sized furnaces, and an overheating system can cause short-cycling. So, don’t automatically assume that your furnace thermostat is the root of the problem if your furnace keeps turning on and off.

The House Does Not Get Warm Enough

If you notice that your house is not as warm as it used to be, or if the temperature doesn’t reach the set point, a broken furnace thermostat might be to blame.

Confirm if your home has different heating zones, as some houses do, with each zone having its own thermostat. And check to see if all the thermostats in your home are at the correct temperature.

If your home doesn’t have zones, or all the thermostats are correct, but the issue persists, the problem might be with the furnace itself. So let a professional inspect the furnace components and recommend the best remedy.

The Thermostat Readings Don't Match Your Home’s Temperature

If you notice that the temperature readings on your furnace thermostat don’t match the actual temperature in your home, that should raise a red flag. For example, if you turn the furnace on but your house is still cold, or if the furnace kicks off even though the temperature in your home has not reached the set point, that may indicate a broken thermostat.

Sometimes, furnace thermostat issues are as minor as incorrect programming or dead batteries. However, if you’ve tried all the troubleshooting tips and the problem persists, contact a professional for system inspection to establish the root cause of the problem.

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