Get Your AC Ready For Summer

Get Your AC Ready For Summer

After lying dormant for many months, your AC may need a checkup as summer approaches. You don’t want to be caught up in the summer heat without a functional AC to promote comfort.

Preparing your AC for summer will save you money, time, and headaches because you can identify any issues with your unit and fix them early to avoid unexpected problems. Learn eight ways to prepare your AC for summer.

Change Air Filters

Dirty or clogged air filters not only harm your health but also cause tons of problems for your unit. They decrease your AC’s efficiency as the system struggles to cool your home, resulting in high utility bills and premature wear. Changing a dirty air filter reduces your AC energy use by 5%-15%.

Clean Around the Compressor

Since your AC’s compressor is outside, leaves, branches, and other debris collect around it. The dirt and debris can get into the unit and damage it, leaving you sweating buckets during summer. It is advisable to clear all this debris to keep the unit clean and functional. You can use a garden hose to eliminate dirt on the compressor.

Check Ductwork

Take time to inspect your ductwork for holes, disconnected joints, and separated pieces, and ensure all seals are intact. Leaking ductwork is a huge problem for many homeowners, resulting in 20-30% loss of cooled air. Consider ductwork cleaning if you notice foul odor and debris coming from your vents, see mold, or suspect opportunistic critters have nested inside.

Assess Refrigerant Levels

When your AC has low refrigerant levels, you encounter various problems. First, the unit takes longer to cool your home and never reaches the programmed temperature. Second, your utility bills skyrocket as the unit works hard to lower temperatures. Third, ice forms on your AC, which can cause more significant issues with the system.

To avoid these problems, ensure that refrigerant levels are in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Since you will be using your AC often during summer, a programmable thermostat can help attain substantial energy savings and reduce your AC costs. With this thermostat, you can create a schedule for your AC. For instance, when you are away from home, the unit can turn off and turn on to cool the house before you get home.

Check Drain Line

The drain line discharges the moisture your AC system collects from your home. If the drain line clogs, the moisture offers a breeding ground for algae and mold. Also, instead of water being released outside your home, it backs up inside and can cause dampness and poor air quality. Therefore, ensure you keep your drain line clear and dry.

Consider Upgrading Your AC

If your AC is old, requires frequent and expensive repairs, uses too much energy, or cools your home ineffectively, you may need a new one. Although a new AC may seem like a considerable expense, it saves you money, effort, and stress in the long run. Modern ACs are reliable, energy-efficient, and safe, and you get lower bills and fewer breakdowns.

Service Your Unit

Hiring an HVAC technician to check your unit is an essential step in preparing for the hot summer months. They inspect all the crucial elements of your AC, from the refrigerant to the condenser coil, drain lines, electrical connections, and thermostat.

If the technician identifies a problem with the AC, they can fix it promptly. Routine service ensures your AC operates optimally and efficiently and reduces the probability of the unit breaking down unexpectedly.

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