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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from our customers on a regular basis. If you have a questions that is not listed, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can also submit questions on our “Contact Us” page. | FAQ |

What is your labor rate?

At Baton Rouge Air Conditioning and Heating we have flat rate pricing. We understand that it is important for our customers to know what they are agreeing to when
it comes to the pricing of air conditioning service and repair. We believe that the customer shouldn’t have to pay extra if one service technician is slower than another. We are always upfront about our pricing and our customers always know exactly how much our services cost before we come out.

How soon can you get a service technician out to take a look at our A/C system?

It is always our goal to give same day service to all of our customers. We will try our hardest to get out to your home the day you call us. However, our maintenance customers get
priority service. If a maintenance agreement is in place at the time service is needed, that customer will be prioritized. To find out more about our maintenance
agreements and how to become one of our preferred customers, please call us to discuss.

What happens if my air conditioning is not cooling the house while constantly running?

This could be the result of several possible issues including low Freon in the a/c unit. If this is happening to your air conditioning, service is needed immediately. Please
call us to schedule a service technician to come out right away.

What if the inside A/C unit is running while the outside unit part of the A/C unit is not running?

There are several factors that could be causing this issue. This means that your air conditioning system is in need of maintenance. Please call one of our A/C maintenance
professionals to come out to investigate this issue.

What if the outside air conditioning unit is running, while the inside air conditioning unit is not?

This could mean that your air conditioning capacitor needs to be changed. Please call us as soon as possible to schedule a service technician to come to your
home and pinpoint the problem.

What if I see ice on my outside of my air conditioning unit?

This could mean that there is a Freon. Service is definitely needed. Please call us to schedule a time for one of our service technicians to come out and fix the problem.

What if I turn on my air conditioner and nothing happens?FAQ

This could be the result of many possible issues with your system, from thermostat problems to electrical problems. You definitely need A/C service. Please call us to schedule an

What if my air conditioning’s air flow is not as strong as it used to be?

Typically this means that some part of your system is clogged. Preventative maintenance is needed. Call us to schedule an appointment.

What if my heater doesn’t come on when I turn up the thermostat? 

Do you have a standing pilot light or a spark ignition?

  1. Standing Pilot Light

–       Please check to see if the pilot light is
on. If the pilot light is not on, then
that could be the problem.

  1. Spark Ignition

–         This could indicate that there is an electrical
problem with your heating system. Service
to your heating system is needed. Please
call us to schedule a service appointment

What do I do if my gas heater is making a loud booming sound?




This could potentially be a very serious, very dangerous problem involving poisonous carbon monoxide gas!  Even if it isn’t, your heater is in definiteneed of repair. Call us immediately for heater repair.

How much does Freon cost?

The price of Freon is determined by a couple of factors.  The cost to fill your air conditioning unit with Freon depends on how low the A/C system is and how large the A/C system is. Freon is typically measured in pounds and the price a person pays for Freon is relative to how many pounds of Freon an air conditioning system needs to work properly. Please call us for an accurate Freon estimate.

Does Baton Rouge Air Conditioning offer any discounts for its customers with maintenance agreements? 

We offer a 10% discount off any service call if there is a maintenance agreement in place at the time of service. If you would like more information about our maintenance agreements, please call us to discuss.

Does Baton Rouge Air Conditioning & Heating charge extra for an after hours service call?  

No. At Baton Rouge Air Conditioning there is never an overtime charge. We offer 24 hour emergency service at regularrates. We believe that our customers1
should not have to pay more in an after hours or emergency situation. Schedule an estimate online today