Components You Need to Make Your HVAC System Smart

Components You Need to Make Your HVAC System Smart

A smart heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system uses wireless technology to communicate with other devices. The connection enhances the HVAC system’s capabilities, leading to efficient heating and cooling. Below are some of the things to make a conventional HVAC smart.

Smart Thermostat

Unlike conventional thermostats, a smart thermostat includes an internet connection for remote control. Smart thermostats come in different varieties, including some that:

  • Allow connections with third-party smart devices Allow control from web browsers
  • Will learn your HVAC usage and automate future heating and cooling
  • Require a common (C) wire for constant power supply (some older houses don’t have the wire)

Review your existing home setup and plans before buying a smart thermostat. That way, you can get something that fits right into your plans and smart home system.

Remote Control Device

Examples of remote control devices include mobile phones, computers, and tablets. Many smart thermostats come with mobile apps that you install and use for remote control.

Internet Connection

You need an internet connection to control your smart HVAC. The internet connection can be wired or wireless, depending on your thermostat. Your remote control devices, such as a phone or tablet, will also require an internet connection.

Smart Vents

HVAC vents facilitate airflow in and out of specific parts of your house. Partially closing supply vents reduce air supply, which may help in regulating temperature and maximizing energy efficiency. Smart vents allow you to control airflow remotely. Some smart vents allow integration with other smart devices.

Smart Humidifiers and Air Purifiers

Many HVAC systems control both temperature and humidity. However, the humidity control is moderate since it’s not their core service. You need a humidifier for precise humidity control. Similarly, HVAC systems have air filters that control pollutants in indoor air. However, a dedicated air purifier may give you cleaner air.

Both smart humidifiers and air purifiers exist. The functionalities depend on the model. For example, a smart purifier may help you:

  • Track the level of pollutants in your house
  • Monitor the type of pollutants in your house
  • Alert you if the indoor air quality (IAQ) falls below the safe level Alert you when an air filter change is necessary

Smart purifiers and humidifiers differ in features and integration abilities. Compare the available models and find one that will work best with your smart HVAC system.


Different sensors can also enhance your smart HVAC’s capabilities. Below are three sensors to consider.

  1. Environmental: Environmental sensors monitor the HVAC’s condition and alert you if something is wrong or requires your attention. For example, an environmental sensor might alert you to:
    • Air duct leakage
    • Dirty air filter
    • Reduced HVAC efficiency
      You can also use environmental sensors as reminders for service or maintenance schedules.
  2. Occupancy: Occupancy sensors detect the presence of people in rooms and automatically adjust the HVAC controls. For example, an occupancy sensor can help your HVAC lower the temperature when you leave a room and adjust the temperature to comfortable temperatures when you reenter the room. That way, you don’t waste energy keeping a room coverable while it’s unoccupied.
  3. Proximity Sensors: Proximity sensors detect how close you are to the house. That way, the HVAC can start cooling or heating your home even before you actually get into the house. Proximity sensors help since you don’t have to wait for your home to be comfortable when you arrive, say, from work.

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