4 Air Conditioner Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

4 Air Conditioner Noises You Shouldn’t Ignore

Regular preventative maintenance of your air conditioning unit is vital to catch and fix issues early before it fails. If you neglect your unit, problems will emerge that compromise its efficiency, evidenced by high energy bills and costly repairs. A common issue you are likely to experience is strange noises.

You will notice low humming noise during normal AC operation. However, when your unit makes loud and weird noises, your system needs immediate service. Here is a look into four AC noises and what they mean.

Banging Noises

A banging noise indicates broken or loose internal components of your AC. This noise is usually loud, so you aren’t likely to miss it. Mostly, loose motor mounts, a misaligned system fan, a loose connecting rod, or a piston pin in the compressor are to blame for the noises.

This noise also indicates that your system’s compressor has served its time, and you should replace it. When you hear a banging noise, switch off your system and bring a technician to examine it before the situation worsens. Your HVAC technician will tighten the loose fittings or replace the damaged ones. Also, have the compressor examined to determine whether you should repair or replace it.

Hissing or Whistling Noises

A hissing or whistling noise resembles the sound of a tea kettle. If your system chirps for several seconds and stops, that could be the refrigerant expanding, and it shouldn’t alarm you. However, if your AC hisses or whistles non-stop, a bigger problem — such as a refrigerant leak — could be underway. Signs of a refrigerant leak include frozen evaporator coils, long cooling cycles, or poor cooling.

Whistling sounds occur due to low return airflow caused by blocked vents, dirty air filters, or closed dampers. To eliminate these noises, have an HVAC technician inspect your system. If a refrigerant leak is to blame for the noises, have the refrigerant lines repaired or replaced (depending on the extent of damage) and the refrigerant supply replenished.

Also, ensure nothing blocks airflow in the vents and clean your vent grills regularly. Don’t forget to keep the dampers open and clean your air filters.

Buzzing Noises

A humming sound indicates that your system is running normally. But if the hum turns into a buzzing noise like that of a bee, then a loose or damaged electrical connection in the relay switch, condenser fan motor, or other system components might be to blame. This noise occurs as the electrical current jumps in the gaps formed due to loose connections.

A dirty air filter can also cause buzzing sounds, so change your air filter regularly — preferably every three months — to eliminate the noises and also enhance system efficiency. Loose fan blades or other system parts and dirty condenser coils are also culprits for buzzing sounds.

You shouldn’t take electrical problems lightly, so enlist an expert to fix all loose wiring in your unit. The HVAC pro should also clean the coils, tighten loose parts (like the fan blade), and replace the worn-out fan motor. If a frozen system is to blame for the noises, switch it off and leave it to thaw.

Rattling Noises

Loose or deteriorating parts are the leading causes of the rattling noise. These noises happen when bent fan blades knock loose parts, such as cover plates or screws. This leaves the small components flying inside your unit.

If the outside unit makes the noise, you might have debris (like twigs and leaves) stuck in the condenser unit’s grill. To resolve these issues, switch off your unit and then call an expert so they can identify the source of the noise and fix it.

Does your air conditioning unit make any of these noises? If so, contact the experts at Baton Rouge Air Conditioning and Heating for help. We will thoroughly examine your unit and fix any issues to ensure your system runs efficiently for longer.

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