Three Important Details When Shopping For A New AC

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Three Important Details When Shopping For A New AC

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Spring is right around the corner, and it’s a great time to install a new air conditioner. You’ll know exactly the performance of your current AC unit after using it all summer. When you know the performance level of your unit, you’ll be able to shop for the features you want in a newer, more efficient model. This AC shopping guide will help you select an awesome new air conditioner. When you’re ready to go, we offer air conditioning installation in Port Allen, LA.

AC Unit Size

Make sure your new AC is properly sized for your home. If you notice uneven temperature differences between rooms with your current AC, it might be too small to properly cool your home. Ideally, you want to buy an AC large enough to cool your home, but not so large you’re wasting energy and paying too much in heating bills.

Installation Quotes

It’s a good idea to get at least three quotes from different service providers when you’re ready to install an AC. But remember to compare apples to apples. Find out prices but also ask these questions:

  • Do you have an hourly or a flat rate? We offer flat rate billing so you know exactly what you’ll be paying without any unexpected delays costing you more money. The piece of mind from this lets us do the job right and takes away worry for you.
  • Are your technicians N.A.T.E. certified? N.A.T.E. certification stands for North American Technician Excellence. Most of our technicians are N.A.T.E. certified, meaning they have the qualifications to meet the highest industry standards. This certification has to be renewed so it’s an ongoing commitment we provide our employees to make sure our customers get the best quality service.
  • How many technicians will you send out to do the installation? Some companies might get the work done faster by sending out two technicians, others will send one and take more time. These details help you compare prices.

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SEER Ratings

You want to consider efficiency when choosing a new AC or HVAC system. The SEER rating will tell you the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of a unit. The government requires all new systems to be rated at least 13, so a good efficiency unit range is 13-22. The higher the efficiency, the higher you can expect to see initial cost, so you have to think about how long you plan to live in your home and what you can afford to spend. You can also consider a payment plan if you want to buy a higher SEER rated model but don’t have the cash on hand. Over time, you’ll reap a large savings in energy costs with the higher SEER rated models, so your initial investment pays off, but you have to decide what makes the most sense.

Taking these three pieces of advice will help you decide a unit, but we can do the measurements and give you more advice. Call Baton Rouge Air Conditioning & Heating for Air Conditioning installation in Port Allen, LA today at 225-424-1111.