It’s time to make summer awesome again with these fun steps!

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It’s time to make summer awesome again with these fun steps!

Get your family in the mood to celebrate the season with these easy ideas from Baton Rouge Air Conditioning & Heating. We are your go to team for air conditioning repair in East Baton Rouge Parish, LA with the reliable and knowledge-based service you can rely on. Check out these ideas and see how they will enhance the decor and lifestyle.

  • Set the entry off with a cheerful look. If the welcome mat at the front door looks sunbleached, replace it with a new one. Sweep off the front area to help less dirt track inside the house. Next, make sure you have a washable mat right inside the door when guests walk inside. This is a place to add color while also helping trap even more dirt and pollen from being tracked through the home.
  • Bring brightness into your style. Look for drab and worn pieces like old throw blankets and decorative pillows that have seen better days. From here, make the choice between refreshing these items or replacing them. Pillows can be restuffed or covered with new fabric. Or, these decorative pieces can be replaced and give a new look to the room. The main room to focus on when doing a refresh is the living room. Because it’s a common place the whole family shares and a place guests will see quickly upon entering your home, it’s the best place to start when decorating.
  • Cut down on clutter. Having a specific place for those items that seem to pile up or collect dust around the house isn’t just a practical solution, it’s a time-saver. If it seems like you have an insurmountable amount, remember to start small. You can focus on one area like the front entry instead of feeling like you have to get the whole house completely clutter free in one attempt. Look at your family’s habits and needs and plan for what you really do each day. This means not just keeping that tiny round side-table at your entry when you know the kids’ backpacks, sports bags, and shoes will overflow way past them. Better solutions are storage benches, hooks, and small shelving.

  • Make sure you’ll be sitting in comfort. Get the maintenance appointment or air conditioning repair in East Baton Rouge Parish, LA from our technicians. Delaying on a repair could lead to bigger problems down the road, not to mention an unpleasant summer! We can take your AC and get it back and running with reliable service.
  • Plan family time. This sounds undeniably simple but think about all the appointments you schedule and planned activities you take the kids to go do. Set aside some time for board game night, a hiking trip, or a movie together at home. It doesn’t have to be a big event to make family time feel special.

If you need repair work, seasonal maintenance, or a new installation on your air conditioner, call the expert team at Baton Rouge Air Conditioning & Heating. We are ready to make your summer amazing. Call us today for your appointment at 225-424-1111.