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Heater Replacements For Peace of Mind

Baton Rouge Air Conditioning and Heating understand the value of family and community. We are a business that has been servicing customers in our community for years, with great results. Our expertise in the heating and cooling trade allow us to provide quality service. We offer personal attention,delivered with honesty and respect for all our customers. Our community is like our family and we care about our family.

Why Choose Us

Baton Rouge Air Conditioning and heating is a business which operates as a family.  We are a  fully licensed contractor. We offer our services within our community and the surrounding areas and have been doing so for the a number of years. Over the years we have acquired experience and knowledge that can only be gained and learned through a hands on approach which is how we approach our business.

We work on any make and model of equipment when it comes to repairs and maintenance.

We treat our staff and the community as if they were part of our extended family. We respect each other and treat each other with honesty and integrity and we truly do care about our staff and our customers.

We want happy customers who are completely satisfied with the service we provide. Our small business is small enough to really pay attention to each individual customer. With us you are definitely not just another number.


Our services extend into various sectors. The residential sector and the light commercial sector are areas where we really have gained experience and the knowledge and skill we obtain with each passing job is invaluable in the trade.

Heating and cooling systems can carry a heavy price tag and the decision to install is not taken lightly. We provide our customers with the information necessary to make an informed decision. We offer the correct after care and maintenance information and advise that this be carried out regularly. We understand and try to convey how important looking after your system is in prolonging the life of the system and maintaining the efficiency.

Heating systems are a little more complex than cooling systems. Heating systems can have varying sources of heat and each carries with it pros and cons. The common factor is that they all need to be regularly maintained. Boilers, heaters and furnaces are common heat sources for these systems.

We, as a professional company, offer professional service. We undertake complete heating system installations, repairs and maintenance to all the parts associated with your heating system and we do so with the utmost confidence in our ability to leave our customer completely satisfied.  We provide boiler service, heater service and  furnace service , and we encourage that you regularly check these heat sources for any damage or wear and tear. Regular maintenance by a reputable service provider like Baton Rouge Air Conditioning and Heating will definitely save you money on future repairs which could have been avoided.

In the event that your existing unit is outdated or irreparable, our technicians will provide you with a suitable solution at a reasonable price. Heater replacement service is something that we take care with and we ensure that the unit replaced operates as efficiently as if we were doing a complete new installation.

Call Baton Rouge Conditioning today and book your maintenance service or evaluation and let us make the tough choices for you.