Silsbee Texas Has Elite Heating And Cooling Providers

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Silsbee Texas Has Elite Heating And Cooling Providers

Baton Rouge Air Conditioning and Heating is a name that signifies excellence in the eyes of the community, which it regularly services.

Why Choose Us

Our business is a fully licensed contractor. We work on any make and model of equipment with equal competence and ensure that the end result is a favorable one. As a business who is part of a close community we know the value of family and the importance of treating others with respect. We concentrate on the things that really matter. Honesty, respect, and personal attention. If these things are perfect, there is no way our service could ever be questioned. Our extended family of staff members are amazing, friendly, efficient and always willing to go the extra mile. We are a smaller company but we have a big heart. We strive to keep our customers happy and satisfied by providing them with information that is pertinent to their situation and advising them accordingly.


We offer our services in the light commercial and residential sectors. We are an experienced team within the cooling and heating trade. Heating, cooling, indoor air quality and, all the associated equipment are what we do best.

We are well aware of how important it is to complete a heating or cooling installation in the correct manner, test the equipment and, ensure the customer is completely satisfied. Our capable technicians are adept at completing cooling system installations, repairs and maintenance as well as installation, repairs and maintenance of heating systems and the associated equipment.

When referring to heating systems, the source of the heat which is the boiler, furnace or heater as well as the ducting which is necessary to move the air around, are all imperative to the efficient functioning of your heating system. Performing the correct, regular maintenance on your heating system will prolong the life of your system and keep it in tip top shape so that when it is required, it works.

We, as a professional company, offer complete new installations, repairs, and tune-ups to all parts of your heating system. We provide heater maintenance services, in fact we encourage it. By doing these maintenance services, you will save on costs of repairs in the future and you definitely won’t experience the frustration of turning the switch, expecting heat and nothing is forthcoming.

Call Baton Rouge today and experience first hand what the entire community is talking about.